Stoke and Newcastle councils have released their Joint Local Plan preferred options document.  It involves turning Keele into the ‘Western Urban Extension’ of Newcastle. 1800 new homes are earmarked for the Golf Course, 654 to the Southeast of the Campus/ Thistlebury and 100 on Pepper Street.  No account is taken of the impact on infra-structure, the environment or the quality of life for current inhabitants.

Keele Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan want to see the University grow and prosper and to be the nucleus for the growth of new businesses.  We are concerned that the JLP has no strategies to promote that growth apart from building vast numbers of houses in the ‘Western Urban Expansion’, effectively absorbing Keele into Newcastle under Lyme.

Our developing thoughts on what might be possible can be seen on both the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Website.  The Parish Council will be carrying out careful analysis as a basis for making a detailed submission to the JLP consultation but we urge all residents to make their own comments (see below) and to attend the consultation drop-in at Keele Village Hall on Monday 12th February from 3 pm to 6:30 pm.

Joint Local Plan Preferred Options Page (click here)

Joint Local Plan Preferred Option Consultation Online Form (click here)

Find a summary of the Parish Council’s developing view here:








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