About Keele Parish

Keele Parish is approximately 3 miles west of Newcastle-under-Lyme in North Staffordshire.  The parish comprises of the village of Keele, the outlying hamlet of Finney Green and the Keele University campus.  Keele parish map

Keele is a picturesque rural village and the centre of the village is a conservation area, as there are many fine examples of Victorian architecture, including the village pub.

There are roughly 200 houses in the village, and this is matched by the number of houses/flats on the university campus.

Keele is an unusual parish as the University and Science Park dominate a large section of the eastern fringe of the parish.  As a result the number of residents varies considerably throughout the year, increasing significantly during university semesters when students are in residence.

We are well served by public transport due to the proximity of the university, and the campus provides facilities for the village and surrounding areas, including shops, cafes, a bank, a post office and a GP  on the university campus.  There is also a small shop in the village, situated in Keele Management Centre.