Amended Greenbelt Policy

Our planning statement has been updated with the following expansion of our Greenbelt policy

Keele Parish Council is committed to maintaining the Green Belt in accordance with local and national planning policy. We oppose any incursions into the Green Belt save those allowed by law, which we will consider and comment on.  We recognize that area covered by the Greenbelt may be subject to change in the development of the Joint Local Plan. The Parish Council remains absolutely committed to resisting any development which would risk Keele becoming a suburb of Newcastle or that would erode its current character. We want to maintain a sustainable community which provides work for many of its inhabitants. We believe that areas might exist, both within and outside the village, where small scale building projects of appropriately designed houses could provide for a growing population. Nevertheless we will resist development which does not build on the parishes unique strengths or which would degrade the quality of our environment.

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