The Village and the University

The Keele University logo includes the scythe and fleur-de-lys from the Sneyd coat of arms

The history of Keele village has been inextricably linked with that of the estate for centuries, and although the nature of the relationship has changed as the result of ownership moving from the Sneyd family to the University of Keele a strong relationship still exists.

In 1962 when the University College of North Staffordshire was granted a new charter and became a university in its own right, there was much discussion about the name the new university would adopt.  Other universities established around the same time (e.g. Essex, Sussex) chose to be named after counties, but Keele University chose to take the name of the village and it remains the only university in the UK to be named after a village.

Keele village has retained its own identity and independence throughout the years, and within the parish the residents of the village, the university campus and outlying areas work together to ensure that Keele remains a wonderful environment to live and work in.