HS2 meeting 25th September

A brief outline from yesterdays Public Meeting at Keele Hall is as folows:

The work in our Parish will involve road work to install a power line to the tunnelling machinery in Madeley.  The roads works will be on the A525 from Bar Hill to the junction with Pepper Street then along Pepper Street to the substation in Silverdale.  There will be public consultation events on the pals once finalised (see below).  The roads will not be closed but traffic management will be in place.  We will have a formal right to petition the select committee on aspects of the plan which affect us.

Phase 2a of HS2 (Birmingham to Crewe) has not yet been before the Lords nor has it had its third reading.  HS2 hope to get Royal Assent late 2019.  Neighbouring parishes may choose to petition the Lords’ select committee with regard to a longer deeper tunnel although it was suggested that it would be unlikely to be successful.  The HS2 team are sending copies of the presentation, maps etc to the clerk and we will circulate in due course.

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