Keele Community Plan

What is a Community Plan?
A Community Plan is a way of finding out and documenting what people think about the area they live and work in – what’s good, what’s bad and what needs to be changed or improved to make it a better place.

A well-executed Community Plan:

    • reflects the views of all sections of the community
    • identifies features and local characteristics that people value
    • identifies local needs and opportunities
    • sets out a vision of how people want their community to develop and improve
    • gives impetus to community activities
    • includes an Action Plan to achieve this vision

Why Does Keele Need a Community Plan?

  • To enhance the quality of life, strengthen the community and promote sustainable economic growth in Keele
  • To provide clear focus for the future of Keele and inform future priorities, aspirations and plans
  • To take advantage of Government funded schemes which will benefit the area
  • To find sources of funding for a wide range of projects and community activities in Keele

How is a Community Plan Produced?
The plan is produced by volunteers who live and/or work in the community.  The aim is to consult as many people as possible, and find out their views on issues affecting the community.  The Keele Community Plan Group includes representatives from:

  • residents – village and campus
  • students
  • local business community
  • Keele University

Group Members:
Val Newman (Chair)
Phil Butters (Vice Chair)
Marion Evans (Treasurer)
Rebecca Hill (Minutes Secretary)
Duncan Hindmarch
Dave Mazzocchi-Jones
Todd O’Neill
Jamys Peacock
Carla Roach
Diane Smith
Vic Taylor

The group will be undertaking surveys & questionnaires to find out about your concerns and ideas, and we would welcome your thoughts on how we can all improve Keele and make it an even better place to live and work in.
You can email the group at

Main Categories
At an initial public meeting in April the following areas were identified as being of  importance, and individual working groups are being created to investigate the areas further:

  • Social – Community Activities & Facilities, Entertainment, Volunteering
  • Education – Schools, University, Lifelong Learning
  • Amenities – Public Transport, Highways, Infrastructure
  • Environment – Living Environment, Environmental Sustainability
  • Heritage – Buildings, Monuments/Structures, Landscape

If you would like to get involved in any of these groups please contact the group via the email address

Geographic Area covered by the Community Plan
The Community Plan covers the entire Keele area as shown in the Keele parish map.