Some remarks regarding the new recycling scheme

Currently 1 new lid is being issued as standard and residents can use this lid for the top box of their stack if they wish to stack their boxes. If residents don’t wish to stack them and put them out in side by side the lid can be used as they chose. Some residents may also still have the lid that was issued with their existing blue box that they can use as well. If residents would find additional lids of assistance they can request these through the Customer Contact Centre and they will be delivered to them

The new service design includes support for vulnerable residents. If any resident is unable to place their containers on the kerbside when the new service starts then they can ask to be considered for assistance. An assessment of their needs will be carried out by the team and a suitable solution will be discussed and agreed with the resident and then put in place.

There are a number of options such as a fully assisted collection where the crews retrieve and replace the containers from the residents properties if they are determined to be unable to do this for themselves. We have this service at present. Alternatively, if it is felt that the resident would be able to transport their containers to the kerbside themselves with the assistance of a trolley then a trolley will be provided.

At this stage, advice would be for residents to participate in the new service once it starts and see how they manage with the new containers once they are being presented and emptied weekly and then seek assistance as above if they can’t manage. Another helpful factor in the new service design is that the boxes will be generally lighter each than the current blue box. This is because the current blue box holds two relatively heavy types of recycling (glass and tins) whereas in the new service these are split over two boxes.

I hope this helps and would be grateful if you could re-assure residents that the Council will work with them while we are introducing the new service wherever possible. If you have any queries regarding the above please feel free to contact the Officers in the Recycling and Waste Team.


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